Calm Body

Calm Mind

anxiety & stress reduction

body-centered therapy group


Learn to decrease overwhelm & tension through

body-awareness, mindfulness & movement.

Create a more peaceful, joyful and connected life.

Anxiety or stress can take away the joy of all the things you do and leave you feeling uneasy.  This takes a toll on how you feel about yourself, your energy, and your relationships.  Your body can bear the brunt of it with tension, pain or difficulty relaxing.

This group blends mindfulness practices with movement to help you discover a greater sense of peace and wellbeing and connect with others with similar struggles.

Schedule a free phone consultation to see if this group is right for you.

Current openings are available in the Friday morning group.

Check to see about other time options.

Led by Arin Willey.


Within your being, within your mind and your living body, lies a world of joy and power.

Within you lies a kingdom that you know little of.

The kingdom of fearless living, of sharing love, and the unfolding glory of your infinite being.

All this and more is yours.

Ruth St. Denis

modern dance pioneer

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