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From Depression to Joyous Living

Interview: Roadmap to Awakening with Fiona Moore

In this interview, I share about my book chapter, Returning Home: “One Woman’s Journey from Depression to Joyous Living Using Body-Centered and Creative Approaches in Dance/Movement Therapy” in The Use of the Creative Therapies in Treating Depression (2015).  This half hour interview is a nice introduction to the various ways I work in therapy.

Learn how:

  • Depression is a dynamic and changing condition.
  • Why body awareness holds a vital key to heal depression.
  • How creativity is a natural medicine for depression.

Fiona Moore, spiritual mentor and healer, shares practical and profound conversations about healing and spirituality with healers, teachers, and authors in the Roadmap to Awakening series.

From Depression to Joyous Living

by Annabelle Coote | Roadmap for Awakening with Fiona Moore Interview

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