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I am sick and getting ready for two trips.

A big one – to Spain in two days for my brother’s wedding and a smaller one just a couple days after we return for my nephew’s wedding in Pennsylvania. Funny, the travel time will be about the same for each even though one is across an ocean and the other just a couple states away.

When you read this, hopefully I’ll be well and enjoying my adventures!

One of my to do’s is getting this blog done so it’s ready to roll when I’m away. And, I honestly just don’t feel very up to the task.

Writing on the couch and sipping tea with honey are a help, but my big aha was to just make the whole thing easier on myself.

Being sick has helped me prioritize finding ease this week.

I don’t particularly believe that things happen for a “reason” but I do believe that we can find wisdom and gifts in just about any circumstances.

This week I’m allowing myself to let my state of body and mind be a guide to slowing down, pushing less, and prioritizing what is most important along with asking for help. I’ve been nicer to myself and less pulled into things that might otherwise distract me.

And, so I’m going to wrap this post up with just a few more thoughts and then share a link to a lovely meditation that has helped me relax into that sense of ease.

How about you? Can you let yourself find some ease?

Even if you’re not sick or planning a trip, I bet you’ve got a lot on your plate too! Is there a way you can let something go, follow a path of least resistance, get some support, or just pause for a moment to relax?

How about letting your body find this for you?


I’d like to share a Reiki meditation by Geneva Robins of LunaHolistic. It’s a gentle peaceful option to sink into some relaxation and ease.

You may or may not find yourself in agreement with all of the ideas or affirmations in the meditation. I’d invite you to be curious about what you experience and allow yourself to discover the gifts that are there for you. Enjoy. The meditation is about 11 minutes long.

Listen to Geneva Robin’s Blue Ocean Meditation: http://lunaholistic.com/blue-ocean-meditation/

And, thanks for cheating with me!!

Mind-body health can be supported by so many different practices and resources and if you’re curious, I encourage you to start or continue learning more.

If you are considering therapy for yourself and you’re interested in a free consultation to see if a creative, body-centered approach to therapy might be right for you, please get in touch.

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