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The Importance of Down Time

Vacations are a great invention! This is a quote from a friend and I happen to agree. I also think they happen to offer a lot of wisdom for everyday living. My personal favorite vacation is the go someplace quiet and beautiful, kick back, leave the world behind, do... read more

Taking Time for Yourself Matters

I’m guessing that you do a lot for others. Family, friends, employers, coworkers, your children’s school, an organization you belong to, your friend’s mom, the list goes on.   You do a lot and you give a lot and it’s really wonderful. And, sometimes, it feels like too... read more

I am cheating – and so can you!

I am sick and getting ready for two trips. A big one – to Spain in two days for my brother’s wedding and a smaller one just a couple days after we return for my nephew’s wedding in Pennsylvania. Funny, the travel time will be about the same for each even though one is... read more

The Power of Smiling when Sh*t Happens

I am driving to Boston right now for my monthly training….. Oh wait, no I’m not. I’m at home with a flat tire, waiting for my husband to come home and help me out. I’ll be, um, a little late today. Instead of being on the road, I’m travelling into blog land, with a... read more

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