how we work

At Movement Matters, we use an integrative approach to therapy, taking into account the interactions between mind and body.  We use mindfulness, movement and the arts as well as cutting-edge insights from neurobiology.

Therapy is a partnership between therapist and client and it is important for you to be an active participant in deciding what to work on and how to approach it.  We will always collaborate in order to best meet your needs and work at your pace and comfort level and tailor the work to facilitate a safe and meaningful experience.

Imagination and creativity are powerful elements in the therapy process.  Along with a sense of humor, they help to generate new solutions to old problems and help make the process lighter.

We use therapy methods including sensorimotor psychotherapy and expressive arts and dance/movement therapy.

We work with adults and older adolescents and specialize in working with:

Anxiety, Stress and Trauma

Women in Transition – Life Changes, Career Concerns, Pregnancy, Postpartum & Parenting, Difficult or Traumatic Birth Experiences, Relationship Concerns

Helping Professionals – Healing Professionals, Therapists, Medical Professionals, Alternative and Holistic Healers, Care Givers

Creative Professionals – Fine and Performing Artists, Other Creative Professions

Body Concerns – Struggles with Body Image, Self-Esteem, Chronic Pain & Illness, Relationship with Food and Health


Increase self-awareness and confidence

Discover innovative problem-solving skills

Connect to inner strengths

Feel more creative, alive and energized

Express yourself more more authentically

Improve relationship skills

Heal trauma and other unsettled difficulties

Clarify goals

Find inspiration for future directions

Change limiting patterns

Make meaningful changes

Create more balance

Develop connections between mind, body and spirit

Celebrate successes and joys more fully

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