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Is it time to make more space for you?

Some people are great at their work, getting things done and showing up for others, but behind a shiny exterior, they feel spread too thin, worn out and wondering, “What about me?”

If this sounds like you, you don’t need to learn to cope a little better. You already cope all too well, but you might have a hard time trusting yourself, following your own dreams or enjoying your relationships.

You’re a terrific problem-solver with many interests. You’re smart and talented and whole-hearted. You have deep strengths and resources, but somehow your connection with yourself has gotten lost.

Whether you are having difficulty with stress or anxiety in your current life or need to heal from painful past experiences, it is possible to create a greater sense of ease and learn how to prioritize your own well being.

Imagine what might be possible if you started moving through life just a little bit differently.

Our clients sense that they need more from therapy than just talking. Fortunately, we know that paying attention to your physical experience, as well as thinking and feeling, leads to profound change.

In our practice, we work with the body and mind together, drawing on diverse approaches including mindfulness, body-centered methods, insights from neurobiology, and creativity.

We want to help you discover the inner wisdom you already have, deepen your connection with yourself and learn to navigate life’s challenges with a greater sense of calm, vitality and joy.

What if you got started today?

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Within your being, within your mind and your living body, lies a world of joy and power.

Within you lies a kingdom that you know little of.

The kingdom of fearless living, of sharing love, and the unfolding glory of your infinite being.

All this and more is yours.

Ruth St. Denis

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